Although there are many places in the world to enjoy an outdoor adventure, you will have a difficult time topping what Denver Colorado has to offer. In fact, they offer 365 days of outdoor fun annually and it doesn’t matter if you love the cold weather, the warm weather or anything in between, you will be able to find it within the city and in the surrounding area. In order to get you started, we will look at some of the best things you can do in the area of Denver to get out there, get healthy and get some fresh air.

Walking – one of the healthiest activities you can do is to just get out and walk a while. In the city of Denver, there are plenty of areas that offer the ability to walk, regardless of what time of year it is. They have parks that offer a safe environment and many neighborhoods offer the ability to walk around and take in the surrounding area. Of course, you can also get out to the mountains and pick up the pace a little. You might even enjoy doing some hiking and although it isn’t exactly walking, the activity is sure to get you in shape and allow you to see some of the beauty that the area has to offer.

Bicycling – another great activity that you can do in Denver and the surrounding area is get on a bicycle and start riding. Many people bike through the city because it is one of the easiest ways to get around and it is also lots of fun and at great way to stay in shape! If you don’t necessarily need to ride a bike to get from one place to another, you can always enjoy life from the back of a bicycle by riding it through a park or perhaps out in the suburbs. This is a great activity that allows you to remain active and take in some healthy living.

Fishing – this is an often overlooked activity in Denver Colorado that is not to be missed. The area around Denver and in the nearby mountains offer some of the best fishing that is available anywhere in the United States. Imagine casting for some freshwater trout or trying your hand at some bass fishing. It’s a great way to enjoy yourself and to put a little food on the table as well.

Skiing – although I saved this one for last, it is by no means the least of the outdoor activities Denver has to offer. Skiing is fantastic fun and the area around Denver has some of the best ski areas in any part of the world. It does take some money to get started because you will need to either buy or rent equipment and you have to pay to get to the ski area. Once you are bitten by the skiing bug, however, you will find that it is a fantastic way to stay in shape and you will love the fresh air you can enjoy on the ski slope.